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Welcome to the Nuthatch, the World Wide Web's only Official resource for information, news, and updates on Nuthatches. Please consider sticking around for a while, and learning about the big, BIG life of such a small bird.

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Nuthatch Facts

  • Nuthatch is a small bird.
  • Nuthatch can be found in Canada, among other places.
  • Nuthatch like sunflower seed, nut, banana chips, flour, pinecone, pecan, fruit, grape.
  • Nuthatch build nest if needed, relax at home and post if not.
  • Nuthatch on Team Jacob.
  • Nuthatch not allowed to post on BYOB at least for now please help.

Nuthatch Jokes

What is Nuthatch's favourite car?
A Nuthatchback!

What is a Nuthatch's favourite Robin Williams movie about a clown and doctor?
Nuthatch Adams!

What weapon does Jack Torrance from the Shining use to attack his family asuming that he is instead now a Nuthatch and not a human being?
A Nuthatchet!

What does a Nuthatch collect in the fall to live through the winter?
A Nutbatch! (this is just a joke, or is it? It isn't, Nuthatches are famous for their notorious caching abilities in the fall, much like their permanent enemies, Chickadees.)

Who is this bird nut?

If you've read down this far into the page, you must be wondering what sort of smart, handsome man oversees such an interesting and informative page.

Well, let me rest your worried head and introduce you to me, Terry Harrison. And, for the record, I am happily married. Sorry ladies!

My name's Terry and I like big trucks and sunsets, warm breezes and sand between my toes.

AND NUTHATCHES (L.O.L., you were likely wondering when that would show up on the list, there it is!)

Ever since I was a small child, I have been obsessed with learning all there is to learn about the humble, smart, and mighty Nuthatch. I have published a string of informative research papers on Nuthatch behaviour, smells, and caching behaviour in our local paper.

With the advent of the World Wide Web, my fight to teach the World of the Nuthatch acquired a new, cyber-dimension.

When I'm not birding, I like to read about Nuthatches, play chess, and I am also an avid sketcher of nature. If you'd like to see more, see below for a sampling from my ever growing portfolio!

Terry's Art Gallery

A drawing I made of a Nuthatch in its characteristic "creep" position.

A drawing I made of a Nuthatch in its characteristic "flying" position.

A drawing a Nuthatch made of me!!! L.O.L. I'm just kidding, I drew this one as well.


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June 9, 1996 Rick I love your site Terry! Thanks for sharing all this nuthatch knowledge. :-)
May 19, 1997 Cain There`s some great information here ... "Wow !"
November 1, 2020 nut testing testes 1 2 3 lol
November 1, 2020 nut holy shit it worked! hi hello can you see this hi? If you can read this I wasn't banned...I'm just trapped? I don't know if that's the right word for it.
November 2, 2020 nut I think I can see some kind of hatch--do you see some kind of hatch somewhere?
November 4, 2020 nut ...oh god I just realized that the last post before mine is from the 90s

Terry Harrison

Welcome to the site! I just learned about this cool new messenger feature and wanted to say hello. I hope you enjoy your time here.
thanks terry!
thanks terry!